1. Under a Spell

From the recording Out Of Isolation

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My head is keeping me awake
With every thought, I’m still searching for a brighter place
There’s no innocence in anyone I see
We just duplicate all the shameful blasphemy

How can I keep my head from spinning
When my ears just won’t stop ringing?
We all burn but the world keeps turning
I don’t know when help will come

My friend, what do you believe?
‘Cause I think we’ve all been a little bit deceived

But nothing seems to have your attention
Maybe I’m caught up in obsession
But I just want to know your intentions
I don’t know what side you’re on

You don’t even notice
We’re under a spell, and you don’t seem to have a clue
You don’t even notice
I try to break through, but you can’t see it’s got a hold on you

This maze is more than I can take
I long for comfort, but I’m not made to quit the game

What if I’m the one that’s blinded?
Am I the reason that we’re divided?
Has it already been decided
Where we’ve been and where we go?

I am afraid of being wrong, but I’m more afraid of being right.